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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

We provide professional weekly lawn maintenance for residential customers.
Our process begins by mowing all areas that can safely mowed. We then trim all areas that the mower is unable to complete.

A clean look is ensured by edging all areas where the lawns meets a solid surface.grass clippings are blown off of all sidewalks, driveway, porches, landscape beds and tree rings.

Caring for a lawn takes a lot work, which can be time consuming and and energy draining, whether you are a first time home owner trying to figure out how to keep your grass alive or if you are someone who takes a lot of pride in well manicured lawn, we are here to offer our clients the exceptional commitment and attention that is needed to create and maintain beautiful and healthy outdoors environments.


Shrubs & Hedge Trimming

At some point all decorative tress and shrubs have to be pruned and trimmed to maintain a desired appearance and overall health.
not all shrubs and hedges are the same and trimming them is no difference. Trimming a shrub the incorrect way can lead to major problems and even death of the plant, which in certain cases can be a very costly mistake.

At valdez lawn care, we know when and how to trim your landscaping plants to keep them on track all year round. For most all bushes, hedges and small trees, trimmings can be done in the spring and fall just before winter season


Detaching & over seeding

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, leaves and roots that builds up on the top of soil and the bottom of healthy grass, thatch can encourage a healthy lawn is its kept under half an inch. At this manageable level, it can act as a layer of protection for grass, encourage moisture retention, If thatch grow over half an inch long, it can start detract from a lawns health by blocking nutrients from getting through to the roots, attracting and insects and other issues and making it less resilient in harsh conditions.

the best time to dethatch is in the spring and fall when conditions are prime for growth.


Landscaping Design & Installation

The first thing people see when they pull up into their driveway is the landscaping of their home.
Whether you just moved into an old house and need a landscape renovation or you are building a new home, we have you covered.

We properly analyzed every aspect of the project we take on. We will go over with you every step of the way, with our knowledge and experience combined with your vision, we can create the landscape you desire.


Sod Installation

At valdez lawn care, we do sod installation like it should be done. We offer a full service, from your old lawn removal, carefully leveling the ground and not to mention installing your new sod. however we understand if you want to do the preparation yourself and in that case we will just install the sod. We ensure nothing but the best.


Spring and Fall Cleanups

Your lawn and landscaping needs care as seasons change every year, spring and fall is the perfect time for cleanups so everything shines like you want it to.

Our seasonal clean up services can be customized and personalized as per your need with reasonable prices. We are here to let you enjoy a property that’s season ready without ever having to lift a rake.


Over Seeding

overseeding is the adding of grass seed and other growth inducing materials to help fix bare patches of lawn or an entire lawn that is struggling with grass growth there are many seed types that treat different lawn woes, climates, and grass types. Mixing grass types with different strengths can help build up a sturdier lawn.
The best time to overseed is early in the spring and late summer.


– Continued heavy foot traffic.
– High summer temperatures.
– Machinery or cars parked on your lawn during construction or other events.
– Old lawn tires out.